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Gretchen House
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Not Miranda Richardson. This is for a game called crankyhospital

Name: Gretchen House
Occupation: Professor of Human Sexuality; patient at PPTH
PB: Miranda Richardson
History: Gretchen is Gregory House's slightly younger sister. She grew up with Greg and their parents, never staying in one place too long during their childhood thanks to their father being in the military. Their father and mother were alright parents, as alright as they could be she supposed. She was a little self loathing of them then Gregory was, but mostly because Greg sheltered her from alot of what went on when they were growing up. He was actually a very good big brother, especially when they were younger. They were both very smart, and though Greg seemed to loathe people a bit more then her, she doesn't have a fondness for alot of people either. And just like her brother, she decided to take up a profession that you would think the House kids just simply would not like.

As they grew up they were a bit notorious. No one messed with the House kids, bullies in nerdy uniforms. They would have been definitely the type to grow up to be trailer trash and angry at the world if it hadn't been for their unbelieveable smarts and success. Gretchen remained close to her brother, though not so much with her parents, though she sees them quite more then Greg does. Whereas Greg decided to go for medicine, Gretchen became a teacher. They both went to the University of Michigan but then Greg went to Johns Hopkins and Gretchen went her own way.

She got into teaching, settling herself up to come back to the University of Michigan to teach as a Professor of Human Sexuality. She even is the Head of her department. Gretchen House is the professor you do NOT want to get. When people realize they have to take their class, such sentiments are expressed like "Oh god you got House?? Shit you better just kill yourself RIGHT NOW." She doesn't see her brother as much as she'd like to considering how busy they both are but that is going to change. After finding a lump, she went to her doctor who gave her some wish washy answers but she's realized she knows exactly one person she trusts more then anyone. Her brother. And his best friend, whom she's known also for a couple of years, Dr Wilson.